Vending Massage Chairs

About Our Chairs

Our chairs are equipped with a preset massage control. It comes with 4 rollers and three functions of Kneading, Rolling and Tapping, It also has a timer and bill acceptor which can accept $1, $5 $10 and $20 U.S. bills. Your customers will be charged one dollar for each three minutes of time used. The chair is safe, reliable and easy to operate, by imitating human hand massage movements the chair can provide effective body relaxation and release stress. Massage is known to create the circulation and the flow of blood. These effects provide a number of benefits: 


 * Increase greater flexibility and range of body motion  

 * Improvement of the blood circulation  

 * Relief of tension-related conditions, such as a headache  

 * Reduction in stress and an excellent stress relaxation tool   

 * Creation feeling of well-being and of relaxed state of mental awareness 

 * Reduction of muscle tension and stiffness    

 Our massage chairs are made of commercial grade materials. To prevent wear and tear, they are covered in a soft and durable compound of PVC leatherette. They feature Shiatsu massage which uses kneading, tapping and rolling throughout the entire back region which puts your customers in an ultimate state of bliss. 

The Massage

With the massage chair, your customers would  get the benefits of three massage types: rolling, kneading and tapping. 

Kneading  Massage:  Ease soreness and work out the "knots" with a deep kneading massage. Slightly more intense than rolling, the motion of the kneading function lifts and stretches back muscles, improve circulation, bringing vital nutrients to the spinal area and revitalize muscles and tissues. With a kneading massage you will feel those hard to work areas loosening up while those stubborn knots just melt away. 

Rolling Massage: Feel the tension dissolve with the gentle rolling massage. Rolling delivers the same benefits as effleurage, the first part of a massage performed by a professional therapist. It warms up and loosens the muscles to prepare your back for a deeper therapeutic massage. Rolling massage helps to stretch the spine and relieve pressure on the discs. As four massage wheels roll up and down the spine, they also help to stimulate spinal nerve roots and reduce muscular back pain. Four massage heads, as opposed to other units that offer less, are optimal for increasing blood circulation instead of cutting it off. 

Tapping Massage: Feel invigorated by the sensation of hands rapidly tapping on your back muscles. The tapping massage deepens the level of relaxation and helps replenish energy. Tapping massage helps to improve blood circulation, reducing muscle stiffness and enhancing movement of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body. Advanced Back Massager technologies ensure that the tapping you feel mimics that of a professional therapist. 

No Investment, High Commissions!

With free vending massage chairs, you increase your revenue while upgrading your establishment seating options all for free!

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